I Sold My E-Commerce Business

It’s been a couple of months since I last posted. It hasn’t been for lack of updates. A lot of things have happened since the new year. One of the biggest is that I sold my e-commerce business.

It’s been officially 1 month since I sold it. The first few days it felt weird but then I felt so relieved. It wasn’t because of the decreased workload but the freedom I now had to pursue other things.

I have already started working on something new. I’m reselling holiday decorations. This is something I’ve been doing for over a year now and enjoy. I’m just taking things to the next level.

I don’t care how much money this makes me as long as it’s profitable. I just want to grow a side hustle selling something I enjoy and see where it takes me. I love looking up and researching all of the vintage decorations to see what they are worth. I’ve been getting into ornaments and Christmas/Halloween villages lately. Next September, I think I’ll set up a Halloween village and then transition it into a Christmas one.

Maybe someday I’ll have holiday decorations made branded under Dave Decorates. That would be pretty cool.

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