About Me

My name is Dave and I love to decorate. I don’t mean interior decorating where I match colors and crap. I mean I LOVE to decorate for the holidays. I’m talking Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

In May of 2023, I became a Father and it’s been the greatest blessing of my life. I love being a Father even more than I love decorating.

I’ve also been involved with e-commerce since the early 2000s. It started off with eBay selling, then Amazon selling, then I sold digital products, then I started my own e-commerce store drop shipping and now I do marketing for e-commerce brands while still dabbling with everything I previously mentioned.

I’m happily married and couldn’t ask for a better wife. Life is good.

I started this blog to share my love for decorating along with my thoughts and things I’ve learned from my 20+ years of e-commerce. You can also expect to read some random thoughts from me about Fatherhood, Personal Development, and Fitness.

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