Vintage Ceramic Christmas Trees Are Selling For Big Money

I’ve been collecting and reselling holiday decorations for a while and the vintage ceramic Christmas trees are something that had not been on my radar until the other day. I’ve always loved them and have a great memory of helping my grandma put one up in her dining room when I was younger but I had no idea how much people are paying for these now.

I’ve been researching them for a couple of days now and the only patterns I’ve noticed as to which ones are more valuable are the larger ones seem to sell for more than the smaller ones and they are more valuable if they come with the light base. As far as I can tell the plastic lights it comes with don’t affect the value. I’ve seen ones sell for high prices missing the plastic lights.

I hate shipping items like this because they can break easily but I’m going to give it a shot and see if I can find some for a decent price to resell. I’m going to end up keeping a few for my collection, I always do!

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